Ikat is a resist dyeing technique that is applied to yarns before they are woven creating a beautiful blur. Unlike batik or tie dye in which the cloth is bound, tied and dyed, the ikat process includes resist yarn dyeing, lining up yarns to create the desired pattern, and hand weaving the yarns together all resulting in an exquisite piece of fabric.


The majority of weavers in India currently live in poverty, while others leave the occupation to work in construction or as rickshaw pullers. We have worked with over 500 weavers in rural India to preserve the handloom art form and enable weavers to efficiently provide for their families. Handloom requires no electricity or emissions, simply the creative energy of our talented weavers.
Thank you for being a supporter of the handloom revolution! Now you can benefit from spreading the word about our handmade scarves that support weavers and families in rural India.